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We eliminate slow running networks by testing various types of cabling that slow down our clients network performance caused by inappropriately rated cable for that network, and Ethernet rules violations.

The heart of any Telecommunication network is the Network Cabling on which its vital information runs on. Your network best performance is based on its weakest connection. Let DV Comm Systems install a cabling network that will make your computer or Telecomm communication systems viable and capable for many years into the future.

DV Comm Systems is proud serving the Brooklyn NY, and Manhattan NY communities.

A well planned and organized telecommunication network will decrease the time our customer spend managing the network, giving them more time to work on parts of the business that increase the bottom line.

We simplify life for our customers to Move , Add and Change by providing a well organized, labeled, and documented cabling infrastructure.

Our customers easily communicate with various other offices locations through our fiber Optics Cabling Backbone, Connecting offices on multiple floors, connecting several buildings to their network via fiber optic cabling or Wireless network connections, making it easy to manage the entire network from one site.

Whether you are opening a new office, relocating from an existing one or managing the day to day moves in your current office, DV Comm Systems has the experience to provide the best Network Cabling solution that is right for you.

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