Video Intercom Installation


Today’s video intercom systems are more dynamic than ever before and DV Comm Systems are the professionals to call on for installing these modern devices. These systems are placed at any building entryway, usually the main entrance, so that you are able to monitor and allow access to all arriving persons.Some intercom models are also used to communicate room to room in multilevel office buildings. Overall, video intercom systems allow you to see, talk, and hear visitors which strengthen communication and screening the premises for potential issues.

video-intercom-largeWe can install various video intercom systems suitable for either a single station residential home or large complex system used in commercial offices. No matter which system is needed, we are able to install the latest models so that you can enjoy crystal clear communication intercom systems with high resolution surveillance.

There are different types of video intercom systems that allow you various accesses to the control panel. The IP adaptor intercoms allow you to record audio and video surveillance directly to your PC. They also have scheduled bells and announcements using prerecordings or your own recorded messages. These IP systems also have call transfer, call forwarding, and voice messages to other master stations. These systems are ideal for any large commercial business location.

video_intercomThe telephone entry system is perfect for multilevel residential buildings. These systems contact tenants using a phone line. They allow the tenant to hear and talk to a visitor before pressing a button to allow access. The latest versions are installed with a CCTV surveillance system so that you can see the visitors at your door step.These video telephone systems are perfect for small offices as well.

At DV Comm Systems we assist you in choosing the appropriate system for you business. After installation we also help you get comfortable using your video intercom system. We understand the importance of being able to communicate in your industry and add security for businesses and residents alike.