Security Camera Installation


security_camera_installationSurveillance and a professional security camera installation systems allow you to see activity from a distance, around your environment, and at all hours of the day.Protection is taken seriously for any industry whether you are protecting your wares or individuals. Therefore, nothing is more important than having a surveillance camera located at all necessary sites.

We service the greater areas of Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York, and install top of line CCTV cameras to either a recording device or an IP network in order to monitor ongoing activity. Today’s advancements allow homes and businesses to monitor potential threats and prevent or investigate criminal activity no matter where they are located. Depending on the model, these surveillance systems can even be monitored through smart phones.cctv-cameras-859858

Having new advanced surveillance systems is no longer an expensive option.Between digital recording footage, the use of motion sensor activation, and cheaper production techniques have allowed for high-end systems at a low cost. For businesses this means saving costs on security guards and enabling current security personnel to become more efficient.

DV Comm System installs, maintains, and upgrades the industry’s top brands such as Samsung, Panasonic, Honeywell, and Bosh. Our experts guarantee customer satisfaction when is comes to adding protection to both homes and businesses. If you are thinking about purchasing a system and want to know more about these models please call us today.