Paging System Design


Communication is critical to any business small and large in order to grow and maintain functionality. A paging system is composed of one or more fixed transmitters with one or more base stations installed. Speakers are placed throughout the premise to hear personnel from these stations. We are able to install as many of these stations and speakers as needed for small or large buildings and either for indoor or outdoor use. These customizable paging systems can also be interfaced with a building’s access control system allowing video. Such options are ideal for schools, hospitals, and government buildings.

Paging_SystemThe benefit in having a paging system is having a clear line of communication for situations such as emergency notifications, locating employees, and making mandatory announcements. In order to get the best solution we come to your location for a site survey. This is important before installing these devices so as that sound is not hindered and that alarms will be clearly heard.

When installing the paging system to your location we pay attention to the layout of your building and the area you need the most effective communication system. We are able to locate placement for base stations and speakers based on our site survey and your requirements. Insuring your business has the best communication solution is our priority.

Certain models allow horns and alarms to be integrated into the system. This is typical in manufacturing plants or warehouses where such devices are needed.Usually horns and alarms are placed in outdoor environments where their sound can travel long distance to alert personnel.

If you are looking to integrate your business into a uniformed communication system or looking to upgrade your current system give us a call to set up a site survey. We will look over your demands and see how we can help set up the most effective solution that will allow your business the ability to communicate efficiently