Our Mission



lincolnLincoln E Charles President & Chief Visionary Officer of DV Comm Systems1996 – present, 18 years.

One of the key reasons for establishing DV Comm Systems was to improve the ways most of the installers in the New York Metropolitan area was installing structure cabling. Working as an installation manager, I noticed that the majority of customers’ telecommunication closet was in total disarray.

The closets cabling usually resemble spaghetti-wire. No cohesive labeling, no cable management installed, Fiber Optic Cabling ran without any inner duct. Network containing category 5, 5E, and 6 Cabling. No documentation of previous cabling. The majority of installations were being done in a care free manner, without adhering to The TIA/EIA guide lines.

A number of the NYC building codes were not being followed. OSHA safety rules were not being applied. And some of the owners of the above companies made up their own rules as they went along. As a result DV Comm Systems was initiated and develop as a response and solution to these problems. A company That would not cut corners. One that would take pride in it’s installation practices.

A company that will provide it’s customers with a well organized, well planned, and well structured cabling network. Abiding to industry standards and providing customers a stable, secured and professionally installed cabling Infrastructure. Today, with over 17 years in the Communications and Security business, servicing numerous amount of customers, we could honestly say that DV Comm Systemshave met and exceeded our desire and mission to provide our customers with quality installation.

Most importantly, our customers are very pleased with the quality of service we provide. We are looking forward in the near future to exceed our level of services

Lincoln E Charles
President and CVO Chief Visionary Officer