Local Area Network Cabling


Local Area cableOur experts are able to install and fix local area networks (LAN) for your company.LAN consists of Ethernet cabling connected together in a localized area and share resources such as a printer. This hub of communication is essential for a business to store data and run their daily activities. Therefore, it is important to consider the set up of your LAN. Building a network with greater capacity than is currently required will ensure that as you grow you do not outgrow your network capacity. This is important because adding cabling to an existing network is difficult and most likely difficult to replace. Thinking big makes growing in your company a lot easier.

Your local area network is the backbone to your company. Ethernet cabling is the standard type. It transmits packets of data mainly through twisted pairs of fiber optic wiring ranging range from 100 Mbit/s to 10,000 Mbit/s. Ethernet cabling connects more than just desktop computers.Laptops and network cameras have a 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T Ethernet interface that supports Ethernet. These devices use Ethernet cabling types Cat5, Cat5e, Cat 6 and Cat7 cable. Choosing the type of cabling is all about determining the distance and speed within your local network. Our experts will be able to determine your need during our site survey.LAN1

The difference in having a LAN for a small or large business is matter of the number and distance cabling is needed to maintain that network. Switches are required with larger cable networks to handle the multitude of data transmitted. These switches are also important to indicating the network’s performance in ports. A switch’s port speed determines the speed information travels.

Most customers postpone calling the experts because they are afraid of replacing an entire cabling network. This is a misconception. Most often it is just a switch that needs to be replaced. Postponing calling in the experts to avoid hearing the worst only means postponing your business when your network comes to a grinding halt.