Home Automation Systems


DV Comm Systems is a licensed installer for highly respected home automation systems. The On-Q Unity Home System allows home owners to create a custom system designed to fit their at home needs. Our experts will install this custom system based on Legends regulations and your specific requests. Also, we will integrate the system tastefully into your home so that it will not disrupt your home decor.

Home automationThe Unity Home System is an innovative solution for maximizing your control over today’s home automation systems. Cameras protect your home, lighting control allows you to create the perfect setting, multi-room audio lets you enjoy your favorites in any room, and the intercom functionality allows instant room to room communication. The User Interface allows you to control the entire system from its main station, your TV, computer, or mobile device. This control panel in your home acts as an intercom, allows you to view any installed camera, and allows you leave voice messages for communicating with your family.

Other areas the Unity Home System allows you to control are fans, small appliances, computers, TV, and your music player. This allows you to create a truly custom home automation system for your home and DV Comm Systems are the experts that will help you create the perfect connection.

Furthermore, this User Interface can also be entirely controlled from your smart phone or tablet device. Regardless of your current location, you can view camera feed, adjust lighting, and turn on your media player before you have stepped into your house. All of this is made possible at the press of a button with only the latest technologies.

DV Comm Systems are the experts in installing and getting you started with the latest home automation innovations for both your protection and enjoyment. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you integrate your home with the latest Unity Home System.