Access Control

Access Control System

DV Comm Systems protects commercial industries and government entities against vandalism and other acts of crime with the latest in Access Management & Control Systems (ACS).banner-3

Access control allows those with clearance to come and go without compromising security in an area.Some devices have different levels of access for certain individuals inside these perimeters.

Sophisticated devices such as keypad alarm systems and biometric readers allow a manager to lock and unlock a door automatically and track the individuals that come and go. This information is necessary for industries that need to monitor physical access to an area. Such systems are valuable for their tracking capabilities in the event that an incident might arise.

Access control systems are also integrated into other security plans on the premises such as heating and cooling systems, electronic locks, closed circuit television, and security surveillance.

access-control-reader-security1DV Comm Systems are certified installers for various Access Control Systems such as key pads, biometric readers, and card access systems. These systems are ideal in government installations, high profile industries, and laboratories where a controlled environment is required. Let us take a look at the most common types of access control systems our clients have requested.

The keypad access system uses a low-voltage circuit for a basic sensory system on windows and doors. Passage through these areas involves keying in the correct code into the security keypad. If no code is entered then an alarm will sound when trying to pass through the entryway. Some of these models will use motion sensors which are triggered when it detects movement in the restricted area.

Biometric access systems use a person’s unique physical or behavioral traits to identify the individual. These are known as “readers” which basically read the person and determine clearance. The most common form is fingerprint scanning.

Other “readers” are magnetic strip readers, proximity readers, or smart readers.

Card Access systems are simply keycards that are presented to a card reader device for clearance. These types of systems are placed by a locked door where the keycard either uses magnetic strips, bar code, smart card, or proximity cards to open the lock.

We also offer other Access Control Systems such as turnstyles, metal detection, gate controllers, bolt locks, electronic locks and more.