6 Little Known Facts about Video Surveillance

With the law and order situation deteriorating, we see an increasing number of buildings being equipped with CCTV cameras. Here are some of the best and least well-known facts about CCTV cameras and video surveillance systems.

  1. They are statistically proven to reduce chances of burglaries. A report suggests that 67%  burglaries would never occur if there had been a CCTV camera.
  2. While you may just be getting accustomed to the idea of video surveillance through CCTV cameras, it has been around for longer than you care to think. As a matter of fact, it existed even during the Second World War.
  3. Video surveillance cameras are not just for security. They are used in a variety of other functions as well. Areas where humans dare not to go, the surveillance cameras venture forth bravely and therefore help humans decide if some place is safe or not.
  4. CCTVs aren’t always used by the good guys. It is quite likely that the every-day villains may also be using the technology to spy on you. Stay safe!
  5. CCTV cameras are never enough to get to the bottom of the crime. Only 3% of the crimes are ever solved by the help of this technology.
  6.  You are seen on approximately 300 cameras each day.

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